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For many years, the RIBITS website provided access to its collected data primarily through browsing the website filtered on a region of interest. Reports are provided which allow the user to tailor the data into preferred format and download to csv. KML files are downloadable via the maps that provide limited data associated with the locations. This method has been most successful in presenting data in user friendly formats that is easy for public to consume.

Now, we are providing webservice access for entities that may wish to consume the RIBITS data programmatically. The methods offered still assume a filter region is provided and return a unique identifier for each bank or ILF Program. Each unique identifier can be used to get the details of the bank or ILF Program. We will continue to expand the webservices to be more robust, yet keep in mind the speed issues when sending large amounts of data.

Any suggestions or comments, please contact the RIBITS Helpdesk.

If you are a regular consumer of RIBITS data, please include your email in the parameter "webconsumer_email" to receive notification of updates and to help us track webservice usage.

Webservice Change Log

Ribits' geojson webservice is consumed nightly by EPA for their NEPAssist Tool. EPA is providing access to the ESRI based service of RIBITS data at this external link to NEPAssist ESRI Webservice for RIBITS