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Webservices: ChangeLog
Release DateNote
12/07/2021 Added Umbrella Instruments to the public web services.
05/12/2021 RIBITS webservice page has been organized and simplified to distinguish between geojson webservice and EPA's ESRI webservice of RIBITS data.
02/16/2021 Added a 'Bank Other Contacts' module to 'Bank Site Data', and a 'Program Other Contacts' module to 'ILF Program Data'. All modules pertaining to personal contact data now has additional attribute of 'Personal Website'.
01/26/2021 The webservice "Bank Site Data" added two new fields of is_purchased and date_purchased to the ledger component.
01/26/2021 Added a new public webservice to display data on WQT Projects.
01/26/2021 For the "Bank Site Data" web service, ILF sites will now include the service area data for its assigned program service area.
10/20/2020 "Bank Site Data" webservice now has a new attribute (BANK_GEOMETRY_OBSCURED) to indicate if the location of the bank has been replaced with Field Office Centroid location.
09/23/2020 Added optional attribute webconsumer_email to all 4 webservices to faciliate communication with those who use our webservices.
08/24/2020 Webservices: Add bank_site_data_ws_url field to the "Program Sites" node of "ILF Program Data".
08/04/2020 Added attribute of “kind_of_bank” in bank_site_list web service, and provided more detailed data type explanation for all webservices
06/16/2020 Added public lat/long to webservices.
06/16/2020 Public Webservices have been modified to allow for adding parameters to control what data is returned. In particular, service areas, footprint, bank locations are now options.
04/28/2020 Public webservices were modified to remove erroneous links at end of data, and all id tags were changed to be all capital letters.
04/13/2020 RIBITS now has a few proof-of-concept public webservices that returns data that is publicly available for banks and ILF sites. Webservices will become more robust as we get user feedback into what information is desired.
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