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EIP-Kentucky Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank (LRL-2013-739)
USACE District:Louisville
FWS Field Office:Kentucky
NOAA Fisheries Region:Northeast
Status/Date:Approved 12/12/2014
Type:Private Commercial
Public View:Yes
Umbrella Banks
Bank NameDistrictStatusBank Type
EIP-KSWMBI-Big Sandy Mitigation Bank (LRL-2012-606)LouisvilleApprovedPrivate Commercial
EIP-KSWMBI-Little Sandy Stream Mitigation Bank (LRL-2012-607)LouisvilleApprovedPrivate Commercial
EIP-KSWMBI-Rolling Fork Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank (LRL-2014-00374)LouisvilleApprovedPrivate Commercial
Contact Information

Umbrella Sponsor
EIP III Credit Co., LLC
      c/o Joseph Williams
      5550 Newbury Street, Suite B
      Baltimore, MD 21209
      Phone: (410) 982-0240

Umbrella Sponsor POC
Kevin Roush
   Assistant Director of Markets
      5550 Newbury Street, Suite B
      Baltimore, MD 21209
      Cell Phone: (304) 719-2511

Regulatory Umbrella Manager
Mrs. Patti Grace-Jarrett
      Louisville District Corps of Engineers
      Room 752, P.O. Box 59
      Louisville, KY 40201-0059
      Phone: (502) 315-6687
      Fax: (502) 315-6677